NeuroPro Skills for Rehabilitation (241019CA)

Expert therapy skills are required in every examination and intervention of a patient who has been diagnosed with a stroke. NeuroPro Education has defined the clinical skills that are necessary to make clinically reasoned decisions to transform neurorehabilitation practice. There is no one therapy solution to stroke recovery, but there is a thinking process for making clinical decisions at every moment of treatment and at every stage of recovery. These essential skills may be used again and again in your clinical practice. Identifying the uniqueness of each patient and finding their unique impairments after experiencing a stroke is central. In this course, 12 essential skills will be explained, explored, and experienced by the participants. These skills can be put to use immediately in practice for examining the human movement system and for implementing interventions to reduce the impact of stroke on the patient’s life. The NeuroPro Skills build your knowledge of kinesiology, neuroplasticity, muscle physiology, motor learning, differential diagnosis, and your creativity.

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NeuroPro Skills for Rehabilitation
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This 2-day course further develops neuro rehabilitation skills from examination to diagnosis to intervention within the context of functional salient activities in order to optimize patient recovery.

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October 19 - 20 2024


8:00 am - 5:30 pm




Paradise Valley Hospital
National City, CA, USA


NeuroPro Education
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