NeuroPro Skills for Shoulder Function (240210NV)

The shoulder complex is crucial to reach and to the manipulation of objects that we constantly reach for, hold, and use throughout the day. The shoulder makes it possible for the hand to get through space and make contact with thousands of meaningful objects we use on a daily basis. Since this interdependence exists between the hand and the shoulder, we believe the shoulder should be addressed at the outset of treatment. In this course, we will teach “arm first” strategies to activate the shoulder and engage the arm in meaningful activities, now.

For more course information or to see the course objectives, please visit Courses>Skills>Shoulder Function.


February 10 - 11 2024


8:00 am - 5:30 pm




Encompass Health Desert Canyon Rehabilitation Hospital
Encompass Health Desert Canyon Rehabilitation Hospital
Las Vegas, NV, USA


NeuroPro Education
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