About Us

We are Kay Folmar and Jason Knox, co-founders of NeuroPro Education. We have a passion for practice in neurorehabilitation and a passion for sharing it.

As Clinicians

Our “secret” is that we start with the patient’s passion too! The activity that makes our patients feel they are truly alive and engaged is the one we focus on — beginning with the examination. We have worked with patients on everything from hang gliding to bread baking. When we “work” to solve movement problems within the activity our patients are passionate about, it feels more like fun — not work.
NeuroPro founders Jason and Kay
Our goal is to help you have fun at work with your patients.

As Teachers

We believe that most therapists, like us, chose rehabilitation with the intention of making a difference in peoples’ lives. We are passionate about training neurorehabilitation professionals and making a difference in your life. We know we can’t do it by talking at you with a powerpoint and sending you home with handouts you’ll never look at again! Instead, we provide a hearing, moving, seeing, thinking, doing kind of learning experience. Experiential learning allows you to take real skills back to work and know how to use and adapt them. We will help you expand your knowledge, build your confidence, and re-ignite your passion for your profession.
NeuroPro founders Jason and Kay
Our goal is to further inspire passion for your work and your profession.

As Individuals

We are serious and passionate therapists and teachers. But when we aren’t working, we are learning and doing other things that interest us.
Meet Our Faculty
Kay likes gazing at the night sky, baking, growing roses and food, (re)learning to play guitar, and reading.
Jason likes playing hockey, coaching baseball, reading about leadership and education, traveling, and playing golf.
Our goal is for you to share your passion, your fun and your learning with us.

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OT Course Participant, South Carolina

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