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One amazing fact about the human movement system is that we don’t have to think to move. Many activities that we do repeatedly are automated by the nervous system. However, as neurorehabilitation professionals, we must be very good at analyzing how movement proceeds when restoring function in a patient with neural damage. At the root of problem solving lies a need for prior knowledge. Basic sciences should be a part of moment to moment problem solving and clinical reasoning. Movement impairments are often missed or simplified in a way that does not allow a personalized plan to restore movement and allow the most meaningful activities to the patient. In this course, we will examine core movement skills and teach you how to dissect complex tasks into smaller activities and, finally, into specific muscle actions. This will require you to use and expand your knowledge in kinesiology and motor learning. This applied knowledge will result in specific impairment identification. With specific targets in the movement system, a plan to restore muscle function is possible. As doctoring professions, we must embrace applied science and evidence to move beyond ordinary rehabilitation routines. You can only accomplish this by using your knowledge of the human movement system, adherence to what matters to the patient (salience), and what the specific barriers are in the movement system to achieve their chosen goals.

Ideal for:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants

of all experience levels and all clinical settings

Upon Completion

You’ll know how to:

Understand complex salient tasks by using activity (task) analysis

Use kinesioanalysis to understand movement system requirements in ADLs and ASLs

Expand and incorporate kinesiology principles and specific muscle actions to examine and treat the human movement system

Establish a gold standard for any salient activity (as well as all ADLs) and use it for comparison in diagnosing the movement system using kinesioanalysis

Evaluate old accepted "techniques" and exercise routines for neurorehabilitation

Create opportunities for recovery of movement by correctly targeting impaired muscle actions, rather than adapting for loss of movement control

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