NeuroPro Education testimonials students

This is the real deal

"Establishing clinical reasoning and problem solving skill at a deep level that requires a substantial foundation knowledge . . . SO GOOD! Creates profound changes in the patients and that is AWESOME."

- OT Course Participant, South Carolina
NeuroPro Education testimonials students

Intensely challenging but extremely rewarding

"This course has been the most difficult thing I have undertaken since receiving my license, but it has provided me invaluable tools to elevate my therapy practice to a standard of excellence that most graduate programs or other certification courses cannot provide. If you are looking to offer your patients the highest level of care, this class is something that you will want to take."

PT Course Participant, Florida
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Be the difference

"As a mom of a survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury I have spent the last 8 years watching and participating in various systems of recovery for my son.

When in hospital, my son was fortunate to be placed with some therapists that had completed training with Jason. There was a stark difference in those therapists. These therapists taught him to push to fatigue and beyond and made therapy meaningful long before he could even move his limbs. Their approach was challenging and unique to my son even within the confines of the hospital. My son has worked on hiking, sports, axe throwing and even indoor skydiving - things that he is most interested in. 

My son’s injury was far beyond what basic therapy exercises would fix. He required someone that had a deep knowledge of the human body and the ability to solve muscle movements in relationship to the rewiring of his severely injured brain. We saw this depth of knowledge in Jason and the therapists he trained.

If other therapists want to learn what is possible, how to have fun in therapy, and how to achieve continued, progress-oriented recovery in their patients, I would highly recommend training with Jason and completing NeuroPro Education courses."

- Darlene Gagne, Mom of TBI Survivor

I sought out this course because I was feeling very stuck in my job. I got much more out of this course than I had signed up for. I didn’t just learn a different way to approach rehab, but there was a large element of personal growth as well. I was left feeling much more inspired and empowered and making me feel like I can own my doctorate title.

PT Course Participant, California

This course has changed the direction & intensity of my career in a way that made me fall in love with physical therapy again, as I help my patients fall in love with & be able to do their passions again.

PT Course Participant, Georgia

I became a therapist because I wanted to help people live a more meaningful life fulfilling their passions. I feel like this course challenged me to dig deeper into who my patient truly is. I have a renewed view of being a therapist and a greater knowledge bank on the human movement system than I ever believed possible. I proudly proclaim myself a life-long learner. I highly recommend this course!

PT Course Participant, Canada

This course is the missing link that any therapist has ever felt when faced with a patient who has an abnormal movement system. It has provided me with the tools to find the answer to a problem, find the creativity in tasks, and find the meaning in all treatments.

PT Course Participant, California

This course was much more than I expected. It was much more than just learning skills to help your patients. It shattered the idea that being a good therapist was just doing your job requirements at facility standards. You are given the opportunity to re-evaluate yourself and build a foundation of kinesiology, anatomy, and movement analysis so that you can truly understand what is holding back your patient from living a fulfilling life. It also helps to give you tools to plan for their improvement. This is so valuable no matter how long you have been practicing.

OT Course Participant, California

This was phenomenal – true learning and application of knowledge in an environment of decreased stress.  Kay and Jason are guides and mentors in the best way – superior in knowledge and teaching methods that kept us all engaged, untested and working hard while being allowed to make mistakes . . . kept me wanting to learn more.

OT Course Participant, South Carolina

The progression of the course allowed me to build a solid foundation for true examination and intentional intervention planning and has greatly boosted my confidence as an occupational therapist working with movement disorders. The holistic focus on salience and occupation really expanded on my occupational therapy foundation and understanding of the occupation being. Having completed this course, I look at occupation and salience in an entirely new light and I am confident that I have the tools to find the answers to improve my patient’s lives.

OT Course Participant, Georgia

Prepare yourself to have your life changed! Keep an open mind and take lots of notes. You will not leave the same clinician!

RN Course Participant, Kansas

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