The Certification Standards

This 16-day course is for therapists who want the distinction of being a Certified Neurorehabilitation Professional™.

Quality Continuing Education for Neurorehabilitation Professionals


As physical therapy and occupational therapy evolve into doctoring professions, the continuing medical education should likewise be expected to meet a higher standard. This course teaches therapists how to think critically, deepen their knowledge and perform skillfully as a professional. Course content is informed by best evidence and best practice, with a focus on clinical application. This is accomplished by establishing a community environment of situated learning with patient attended clinical mentoring.

Ideal for:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists

The NeuroPro standards of a neurorehabilitation professional include a thorough examination and differential diagnosis, the design and initiation of treatment, modulation and treatment progression, and the foundational sciences upon which these are based. All standards are centered on patient life roles and salient activities.

Participants completing this course of study will leave prepared with the content knowledge, decision making skills, and a transformed practice for meeting the clinical demands of a neurorehabilitation professional.

Upon Completion

You’ll know how to:

Demonstrate deep content knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology beyond the academic preparation for clinical practice

Use a kinesioanalysis approach in performing an effective examination to determine diagnoses and syndromes within the context of salient activities of living

Design and deliver an effective patient centered treatment plan based on the diagnoses and syndromes identified

Translate knowledge of motor learning, motor control and neural plasticity into clinical decisions for patient intervention

Alter the course of treatment based on patient response, ambulation and arm requirements for intended salient outcomes

Measure and document meaningful change in task behavior of the patient-stated goals

Transcend all traditional conventional boundaries, and approach each patient by addressing the entire human movement system

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This course is delivered across four separate sessions, each four days in length, and over a four-month period. The learning is continuous through practice intervals between sessions where the participant individually applies the content within their own work setting. Participants will be evaluated to successfully meet all the standards in a competency-based framework to earn the distinction of a Certified Neurorehabilitation Professional™ (NPC).
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