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Beginning therapy intervention is a critical step in a patient’s recovery. Every clinical decision is important to target the movement system diagnoses and maximize the patient’s return to the salient tasks they choose to participate in. Design thinking is useful in therapy to create interventions that vary the conditions for motor learning and system responses. It requires the therapist to have deep knowledge, unbounded creativity, the ability to see the just right challenge and the courage to make it happen.

Ideal for:

  • Certified Neurorehabilitation Professionals who have completed The NeuroPro Standards Course
  • Therapists who have attended other neurorehabilitation certification courses
  • APTA Neurologic Certified Specialists (NCS)

Upon Completion

You’ll know how to:

Understand the concept of design thinking and its applicability to neurorehabilitation

Select and state an overarching treatment strategy based on examination results

Use clinical reasoning to apply this strategy to initial training conditions, to salience, and to movement diagnoses

Apply and manipulate the four major elements that are the cornerstones of every intervention

Improve your ability to “think on your feet” by expanding your creativity with divergent thinking

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