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Walking is essential to every person’s life and critical to independence. Under normal conditions, it is effortless and thoughtless. After neurological injury, walking still retains its importance but it is often missing the ease, the fluidity, and the beauty of normal gait. In this course, coordination, effort, and energy will be studied as vital components of functional walking. After all, an unsteady, unreliable gait is hardly what a patient needs to resume their life of independence and salient activities. If you are ready to build your knowledge base and continue your study of gait, this specialty course is for you.

Ideal for:

  • Certified Neurorehabilitation Professionals who have completed The NeuroPro Standards Course
  • Therapists who have attended other neurorehabilitation certification courses
  • APTA Neurologic Certified Specialists (NCS)

Upon Completion

You’ll know how to:

Describe the inter-limb coordination required for each phase of gait

Understand the rockers of the foot and other propulsive forces

Analyze hip contributions to stance stability and to swing generation

Consider three main gait synergies and their contribution to efficient and effective gait

Explain the energy cost of inefficient and ineffective gait as reflected in spatial and temporal measures of gait

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