NeuroPro Standards™ Session 3:

Treatment Variables and Modulation

Quality Continuing Education for Neurorehabilitation Professionals


Treatment is not a list of things you do in therapy. It is the continuous process of presenting new ideas and challenges that address movement system diagnoses. In Standard Three, you will learn to create change and challenge within salient activities for your interventions, instead of picking random “exercises” to repeat. Using an activity the patient cares about, combined with your creativity, treatment sessions can be fun, engaging and effective.

Ideal for:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists

Upon Completion

You’ll know how to:

Understand how to use salience as the stimulus for creativity

Experience a motor learning activity and extract the relevant lessons for treatment modulation

Develop an understanding of many gait functions to increase options to meet the demands of both activity and diagnosis

Recognize the difference between an ineffective treatment strategy and a treatment strategy that needs regulation

Generate progressions in treatment by recognizing which treatment elements are succeeding and adjust to focus on diagnoses still interfering with the activity

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