NeuroPro Standards™ Session 4:

Progression of Action and Refining Movement

Quality Continuing Education for Neurorehabilitation Professionals


Neurological recovery is a process and therapists have limited time to make the maximal impact. At each patient contact, it is important to continue to identify the path forward toward the patient’s goal. In Standard Four, the emphasis will be on resolving diagnoses, reckoning with the most intransigent ones, and recognizing the interaction of movement diagnoses. As some diagnoses are resolved, other diagnoses may emerge and become more compelling for attention. Choices regarding function of the arm and hand during reach will be stressed. Continued development of in-depth clinical reasoning leads to the culmination of the course: the ability to produce meaningful treatment outcomes like a Certified Neurorehabilitation Professional™.

Ideal for:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists

Upon Completion

You’ll know how to:

Understand how to select baseline (and outcome) measures that will reflect the level of damage (and recovery) in the movement system
Design and implement treatment interventions that address the core (and unique) set of movements in a salient activity and clusters of impairments that interfere
Generate effective ideas for treating stubborn diagnoses that continue to interfere in every intervention

Select treatment strategies for effective arm and hand movement based on diagnoses and patient-selected activities

Demonstrate skillful use and withdrawal of feedback for greater patient independence

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