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Ben is known to have excellence, integrity, and persistence in all he does. This is evident in his passion to serve those with neurological diagnoses. He devotes his career to serving those who have been neglected. The words, “I used to do that,” encourage Ben to provide innovative strategies to bring the patient back to that exact activity. He treats patients with a holistic approach serving their physical and emotional resistance to their desired goals. 

Ben is well-rounded and experienced. He holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Bachelor in Healthcare Services, and a Bachelor in Biology. He presently serves as the Neurological Physical Therapist for a hospital-based outpatient clinic. He leads the community Parkinson’s Association and is a published author in the topic of neuroplasticity. He is a renowned speaker traveling the country to instruct fellow therapists about neuroplasticity and how to implement new and innovative strategies into their own practices. Ben never stops learning and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Degree in Healthcare Administration. This education is already shaping how Ben can assist in process development and improvements. 

His prior experience includes acute care where he helped lead efforts to develop therapy in a brand-new hospital. He served as the hospital falls committee chair leading efforts to reduce rates of injury as patients recover in their rooms. He is a clinical instructor and has been ranked as one of the best by a Physical Therapy Doctoral Program. 

When not at work, Ben thoroughly enjoys spending time with his family. He coaches his children in their sports, loves to run for exercise and competition and travel. He also serves the community by helping couples in their preparation for marriage. 

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