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For over 20 years, Kay has held concurrent positions as a practicing physical therapist and as a speaker and teacher. She is currently the owner of Next Step Physical Therapy in Palm Desert, CA and co-founder of NeuroPro Education. Her practice at Next Step challenges her to find solutions for each patient so they may participate in the activities of their choice. Her teaching challenges her to engage and inspire therapists to reach beyond the expectations of conventional therapy. She finds her clinical work informs her teaching and, likewise, the rigors of teaching inform her practice.

In clinical practice at Next Step, Kay’s goal is to help people participate in activities they had been told to “give up” as unrealistic. A continued learning trajectory about the movement system, the creative license to find unique solutions in every case, and an unwavering determination to get results in activities in real environments (their home) are the core of Kay’s clinical practice.

In teaching at NeuroPro, Kay is dedicated to providing a unique learning experience by challenging the “recipes” and “conventional wisdom” of therapy practice with critical thinking skills in real activities. She uses many innovative and participatory strategies for teaching. Kay wants course participants to feel challenged and exhilarated by what they can accomplish with effort and skill.

Kay received two Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of South Alabama, one in Psychology and one in Physical Therapy. She received her Doctoral Degree from Arcadia University in Philadelphia, PA. She has taught in the US and Canada and abroad over the last 20 years. Her clinical work began at a large teaching hospital and since has included acute rehabilitation centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, outpatient clinics and residential care for brain injured people.

When not at work, Kay definitely likes to play! She particularly enjoys long walks on the beach, long hikes on the mountains at home, and long books to read on vacation.

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