Listen and Learn with J & K

The pandemic has taught us many things about living with constraints. This is our longest stretch of time not teaching face to face in more than twenty years. Two-plus years is a long time to not be able to present you with the quality learning experiences you have come to expect from us. But we have good news to share today. 

  • We are scheduling our full slate of courses for 2023 (and the pandemic seems to be favoring us at this moment). 
  • We have something NEW just for you and your colleagues starting in April. We did not want to wait any longer to re-connect with all of you! We will be launching a new 10 minute YouTube livestream session called “Listen and Learn with J & K”. Every other week, we will have a live discussion on a topic that has come up through our clinical practice or our thinking processes as we prepare to teach you face to face again. 

We simply invite you to listen, learn what you can, continue thinking about the topic in your own practice, and share this forum with your colleagues. “Listen and Learn with J & K” will broadcast bi-weekly on Monday evenings starting April 11, 2022. It’s free, it’s short, and there is no prep work and no homework – what?? It really is just listening to us talk about our patients, their clinical problems, and how we are thinking and working through them. We hope you can join us. To connect, click on the YouTube graphic below then click “Subscribe” and click on the “Notification” bell. Finally, in your YouTube sidebar menu under “Subscriptions”, you will see our livestream listed where you can click to “Set Reminder”.

Livestream Schedule:

6pm PDT / 7pm MDT / 8pm CDT / 9pm EDT